The Difference Between PVID vs Untagged VLANs

I was configuring a Netgear switch today and having trouble getting everything working. Having only worked with Cisco folks and switches previously, I was completely unaware of the PVID setting until I read the Netgear helpdoc on setting a trunk port. I got everything working but still wasn’t clear until I read Jason Doolittle’s article.
  • Untagged VLAN: Switch, any traffic from this VLAN, I want you to blast out to the the device plugged into this port, whether it knows about VLANs or not.
  • PVID: Switch, if anyone plugs a device in and it doesn’t know about VLANs, take all the traffic it’s blasting at me and put it on this VLAN.
In other words, the untagged VLAN defines what’s going outbound from the switch and the the PVID identifies what’s coming inbound from the device. I guess you could theoretically have different VLANs for each, but I can’t think of a use case for that.
By the way, that switch is an amazing little device for the price.