Where is That Column in Microsoft SQL?

I was writing a SQL query to pull data from an existing vendor database into a report. Instead of just ‘dbo.users’ having an ‘id’ column, they normally named the primary key ‘user_id’. While we can argue about the semantics, it had a nice effect that I could search for the column name across the entire database and have pretty good confidence that if it’s in another table, it’s a reference key to the primary table.
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Rails 5, Postgres, & Windows Subsystem for Linux

So my wonderful 6-year old Dell XPS 13 Developer edition’s soldering at the power port finally gave way, leaving me with a fully function laptop with only one little issue that it can’t get power. The sent me packing to my ‘backup’ Windows 10 laptop. I really wanted to keep working in a Linux environment and the new WSL with Ubuntu feature seemed like the perfect choice…. well, may be not so much. Here are some random notes I painfully learned on setting up Rails 5.2 with Postgresql 11 on Windows Subsystem for Linux: Continue reading “Rails 5, Postgres, & Windows Subsystem for Linux”