Is Your Rails Form not Rendering Correctly? Check your HTML

I’ve recently had two instances where I’d create a form:
          <%= form_with url: "businesses/import_entries" do %>
            <% Business.last(5).each do |gle| %>
              <div class="field checkbox">
                <%= check_box_tag(dom_id(gle),, class: 'checkbox-input') %>
                <%= label_tag(dom_id(gle), gle.business_name, class: 'checkbox-input' )%>
            <% end %>
          <% end %>
but when I look in my browser, no form tags have been created! Continue reading “Is Your Rails Form not Rendering Correctly? Check your HTML”

Everyone Has Their Confederate Soldier

I was in a discussion recently where the topic of Title IX came up. This is an innocent enough topic normally, but one of the people in the conversation was someone who had a sports management major and, clearly sometime during their education, had been told about a lot of the negative sides. In essence they felt it was import to recognize there were some number of male students who may have had an opportunity at a livelihood in sports that no longer had that chance. Even though the person clearly agreed that title nine was a net good, they had a lot of empathy for the people who lost this opportunity. As a result they felt attacked when the subject was discussed and was soon using phrases like ‘you people’. Continue reading “Everyone Has Their Confederate Soldier”

Setting Up Visual Town Budget on your Windows PC

The open source Visual Town Budget is a great visualization tool that can be used to help your staff, council, or the public more easily see how the budget stacks up. I wanted to get it running locally on my laptop first so I could get the date working before posting it up for staff to see. Here are the notes I jotted down: Continue reading “Setting Up Visual Town Budget on your Windows PC”

Where is That Column in Microsoft SQL?

I was writing a SQL query to pull data from an existing vendor database into a report. Instead of just ‘dbo.users’ having an ‘id’ column, they normally named the primary key ‘user_id’. While we can argue about the semantics, it had a nice effect that I could search for the column name across the entire database and have pretty good confidence that if it’s in another table, it’s a reference key to the primary table.
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Rails 5, Postgres, & Windows Subsystem for Linux

So my wonderful 6-year old Dell XPS 13 Developer edition’s soldering at the power port finally gave way, leaving me with a fully function laptop with only one little issue that it can’t get power. The sent me packing to my ‘backup’ Windows 10 laptop. I really wanted to keep working in a Linux environment and the new WSL with Ubuntu feature seemed like the perfect choice…. well, may be not so much. Here are some random notes I painfully learned on setting up Rails 5.2 with Postgresql 11 on Windows Subsystem for Linux: Continue reading “Rails 5, Postgres, & Windows Subsystem for Linux”